MLA Format

A good rule to follow is to use the first thing that appears in your Works Cited page for your in-text citation.


To properly cite your information, use an in-text citation at the end of the sentence which includes information from an outside source.

Author and Page Number

 sentence (NAME PAGE#). 

  • known author and a specific page
    • Owls love to eat mice (Smith 2).
  • multiple pages
    • Owls love to eat mice and insects (Smith 2-3). 
  • directly reference author in sentence not use their name in the citation
    • Smith verifies that owls love to eat mice (2).

No Known Author

use the first thing that appears in the citation in the Works Cited Page.

sentence (“title”) 

  • is the title exceeds five words use the first three
    • (“The Science of”) for a source entitled “The Science of Owl’s Diets”

Works Cited

  • “Works Cited” centered at the top of the page
  • double spaced
  • alphabetical order
  • hanging indent

for more help with citations check out Purdue Owl